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Cindy McCain joins Joe Biden transition team advisory board

November 10, 2020
Cindy McCain, the widow of Republican Sen. John McCain, is joining the board of Joe Biden’s presidential transition team, according to a report on Monday. As a member of the advisory board, McCain will offer her input while the Democrat’s team turns his campaign promises into policies that can be enacted once he takes office,

Joe Biden’s dogs, Champ and Major, take social-media by storm

November 9, 2020
Come January, the White House will once again be a doghouse. President-elect Joe Biden is returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with two “First Dogs,” who are already building a loyal following on Instagram and Twitter. “We are the First Dogs of the USA, Champ and Major Biden. You can call us #DOTUS,” reads the bio on

Biden picking Rahm Emanuel for cabinet would be ‘divisive’

November 9, 2020
Progressive Democrats and activists will be warily watching Joe Biden’s cabinet choices, US Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez said Monday — while publicly weighing in against former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. “Someone like Rahm Emanuel would be a pretty divisive pick,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told the New York Times. “And it would signal, I think,

‘How Biden Can Beat Covid-19.’ It obviously won’t be easy

November 9, 2020
“The difficult thing for the Biden administration is that they will take office after the worst of SARS-CoV-2 has already torn through our communities,” Dr. Megan Ranney, an associate professor of emergency medicine and public health at Brown University, told me. “The next two months are going to be a defining moment for our country….

The Grown-Ups Are Back In Charge As Biden Unveils Full COVID Plan

November 9, 2020
In a sign that the government will soon be run by adults with an interest in governing, Joe Biden unveiled his full COVID plan on his transition website. The testing part of the plan alone will make a huge difference because Biden will do things that aren’t being done right now:– Double the number of

Biden Voters Rebuild a ‘Blue Wall’ That Trump Smashed

November 8, 2020
On Saturday, a new calm set in.“I don’t think I need the Wellbutrin anymore — no more antidepressant for me,” said Ruth Briggs, 65, who was skipping down Arch Street in Philadelphia. “Four years of depression, just four years. It’s been horrible. And it’s lifted.”In his first address to the nation as president-elect, Mr. Biden

The fight is not over, and neither is the celebration of a Biden-Harris presidency

November 8, 2020
My yard is full of signs that make clear EXACTLY where I stand, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when, almost as soon as the election was finally called for Biden and Harris Saturday morning, my neighbors—even those I’d never met—descended for some celebratory bubbles. Once I stopped sobbing with joy, a neighbor took

Irish Home of Biden’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather Cheers His Victory

November 7, 2020
BALLINA, Ireland — As America turned slowly blue, Ballina held its breath.Was it really possible that Joseph R. Biden Jr., considered a native son of this charming town on Ireland’s west coast — albeit five generations removed — was about to become the next American president?It was. On Saturday, the election was called for Mr.

Joe Biden addresses the nation as networks resist making the final call

November 7, 2020
Calling for calm, civility, unity. “My responsibility as president will be to represent the entire nation and I will work as hard for the people who didn’t vote for me as for those who did.” (Or close to that, anyway) “There’s no reason we can’t own the 21st century. We just need to remember who

Democrats Are Confident Biden Has The Votes To Win Pennsylvania By 70-100K

November 5, 2020
Democrats are expressing confidence as Trump files lawsuits that Biden has the votes to win Pennsylvania by 70,000-100,000. The numbers: Pennsylvania Democrats are very confident that the votes are there for Biden to prevail when every vote is counted. One Democrat said the margin could be about 100K, another one projects it closer to 70-80K.

How Biden and Trump Can Each Still Win the Presidency

November 4, 2020
Joseph R. Biden Jr. started election night with many paths to 270 electoral votes, but by Wednesday morning President Trump had won Florida, Ohio and Texas and was within striking distance of winning North Carolina.That left a diminished but still significant number of ways by which Mr. Biden could prevail, mostly clustered around recapturing Michigan,

‘We believe we’re on track to win this election,’ Joe Biden tells Delaware crowd

November 4, 2020
Joe Biden spoke briefly at a drive-in rally in Delaware shortly before 1 AM ET, offering an optimistic message but one that emphasized that the vote-counting is ongoing and there’s a lot we don’t know. “We feel good about where we are, we really do. I’m here to tell you tonight we believe we’re on track

Biden in Scranton Says: ‘You Got to Run Through the Tape, Man.’

November 3, 2020
Joseph R. Biden Jr. returned to his Pennsylvania birthplace, Scranton, on the morning of Election Day, addressing supporters outside a carpenters’ union hall and visiting his childhood home.“It’s good to be home,” the former vice president said at a canvass kickoff, wearing a mask and speaking through a bullhorn with Biden-Harris stickers on it. “Scranton

Joe Biden Closes Strong In Philly As Trump Complains About The Weather

November 2, 2020
Joe Biden implored voters to reject Trump’s lies and take their country back, while Trump complained about the weather at his rallies. Video of Biden: As Trump complains about the weather at his rallies, Joe Biden is mobilizing voters and telling them that now is the time to take our democracy back. pic.twitter.com/b2ZiyVY0ck — Sarah

Trump, Biden and the Tough Guy, Nice Guy Politics of 2020

November 2, 2020
A decade later, when the younger Bush ran against John Kerry, he took a similar tack: He taunted his opponent for speaking French and painted him as an out-of-touch aristocrat even as he tried to present himself as a “war president.”“This happens all the time,” said Tristan Bridges, an associate professor of sociology at the

Gov. Tom Wolf Predicts That Joe Biden Will Win Pennsylvania

November 1, 2020
Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) explained that Pennsylvania is different than it was in 2016 as he predicted that Biden/Harris would win the state. Video: Gov. Tom Wolf predicts a Joe Biden win in Pennsylvania, as he points out that things are different in the state than they were in 2016. #CNNSOTU pic.twitter.com/9p5YvQtRkW — Sarah Reese

Joe Biden Has 7 Paths To Victory, And Trump Has Just 1

October 31, 2020
Joe Biden can win the White House with seven different combinations of states that he is leading or tied in. Trump only has one path to victory. Video: Biden has seven paths to the White House. Trump has one. He has to win Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona. A loss in any of

Trump’s Rallies Are Backfiring And Making Joe Biden More Popular

October 31, 2020
Trump’s multiple rallies a day aren’t helping his standing in the election, but they are keeping Joe Biden very popular. From a new Fox News Poll released on Friday evening, “Biden has a net +11 personal rating: 55 percent view him favorably vs. 44 percent unfavorably. For Trump, 44 percent view him positively and 55

Trump Merchandise Outsells Biden’s, China’s Factories Say

October 29, 2020
YIWU, China — Deep inside a 10-block-long factory outlet mall in China, the people who supply Americans with their plastic dinosaurs and “Kiss My Bass” baseball caps are confident about a Nov. 3 victory for Donald Trump.President Trump’s campaign paraphernalia — hats, banners, mugs and practically anything else that can carry a logo — has

Neither Biden nor Trump is calling for mandated COVID-19 vaccines

October 28, 2020
The claim: Biden said he will mandate a COVID-19 vaccine, while Trump said he never wouldWith Election Day just days away and amid an ongoing pandemic, some social media users have claimed that if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is elected, a COVID-19 vaccine would be mandatory. “Biden said he will mandate the COVID Vaccine,” reads

Trump Wants to Pick Off Nevada. But Biden Is Holding a Lead, Our Poll Shows.

October 27, 2020
Joseph R. Biden Jr. has a steady lead over President Trump in Nevada, a state that has been shading blue in recent elections but that Mr. Trump is hoping to flip, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll released on Tuesday.Mr. Biden, the Democratic nominee, leads Mr. Trump 49 percent to 43 percent among

Joe Biden Washes Away Trump’s Crazy Like A Political Palate Cleanser On 60 Minutes

October 26, 2020
Compared to Trump ranting conspiracies and walking out of interviews, Joe Biden’s thoughtful and calm interview was a 60 Minutes palate cleanser. Biden made it clear that he is not underestimating Trump: Joe Biden isn’t underestimating Trump, and he is fighting for every single vote. Biden knows who and what he is up against. pic.twitter.com/IIu0tgdcrp

Joe Biden’s campaign insists he’s not ignoring swing states

October 25, 2020
Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager said the former vice president is running “incredibly hard” when questioned whether the Democratic nominee is ignoring the battleground states where President Trump is making a concerted push in the race’s final days. NBC News’ anchor Chuck Todd pointed out that the president has campaigned more than Biden in North

Virus Surge Shadows Trump and Biden Campaign Events After Final Debate

October 25, 2020
“You heard a couple of horns,” he added. “Honk, honk. It’s the weirdest thing.”From there, Mr. Trump was off to Circleville, Ohio, outside Columbus, and then Waukesha, Wis., as he sought to rally backers in suburban areas where polls show his support has slipped. On Sunday, he will fly to New Hampshire, the lone state

Trump and Biden trade COVID-19 attacks on the campaign trail

October 24, 2020
President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden traded coronavirus barbs over on the campaign trail Saturday, with Election Day looming a little over one week away. As Trump hopscotched through three different battleground states – North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin – Biden trained his fire on Pennsylvania, which he aims to take back for

Biden Calls Trump A Tax-Dodging Con Artist In Podium-Pounding Smackdown in Pennsylvania

October 24, 2020
Former Vice President Joe Biden brought the fire to Pennsylvania on Saturday, blasting Donald Trump for his secret Chinese bank account and urging voters in the state not to fall for the Trump con again. “[Trump] paid 50 times more in taxes in Beijing than he’s paid in America!” Biden said during his podium-pounding speech

Trump slams Biden’s oil transition remarks as ‘worst mistake in debate history’

October 23, 2020
President Trump accused Joe Biden of “one of the worst mistakes made in presidential debate history” after the Democratic nominee vowed at their Nashville showdown that the US would “transition” from the oil industry if he was elected president. At a campaign stop in Florida’s The Villages on Friday afternoon, the commander-in-chief told a crowd

Trump’s Attacks On Joe Biden’s Family Bomb With Debate Viewers

October 23, 2020
One of the strongest negative reactions that undecided debate viewers had was to Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden’s family. An Independent voter in Wisconsin told MSNBC, “I am so tired of the family thing. I think when, again, when Biden was able to say this is not about my family or your family. I’m

Biden rose above as Trump reined in the yelling, but not the lies, at final debate

October 23, 2020
Trump looked physically pained at not being able to interrupt within Biden’s first answer, a look that only grew through the evening, with regular breakthroughs of his rage. We can’t overlook that. Trump was better than three weeks ago. He was partially under control. He still spent the evening spewing lies and personal attacks and losing his

Bernie Sanders Is Angling To Be Biden’s Labor Secretary

October 22, 2020
When a candidate wins an election, it is typical that they reward the people that supported them with plum positions in the cabinet. Donald Trump made Jeff Sessions his Attorney General and made Ben Carson the head of Housing and Urban Development. If Joe Biden is to win the election, he will have to fill