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LEBANON/AFRICA : Lebanese banks' African subsidiaries hit by chaos back home

May 14, 2021
Finance is at the heart of Lebanon’s turmoil, as illustrated by two recent events. In early May, a judge ordered Source link

Zimbabwe: Govt Fights Back As Banks Shut Doors On Its 99-Year Farm Leases

April 11, 2021
THE government has been forced to reintroduce its defunct Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) after financial institutions grouped under the Bankers Association and resolved not to accept the state-issued 99-year farm leases. Agriculture Minister Anxious Masuka said his government had over the past 10 years held discussions with senior bank executives as they dangled a carrot

AFRICA : AfDB banks on African economic resilience to Covid-19

February 19, 2021
African Development Bank president Akinwumi Adesina is due to hold an event in Abidjan in mid-March dedicated to the resilience of African economies to the Covid-19 pandemic. Source link

AOC, Tlaib introduce bill to spur creation of public banks across America

November 1, 2020
“We spent $30 trillion in the global crisis from 2007-2009 propping up financial institutions that held the country hostage for their reckless behavior. Only $8 trillion dollars has been committed thus far in the Covid-19 pandemic,” Tlaib noted. “These banks have been, are, and will continue to depend on the public dollar. It is time