5 thoughts on “Paul Robeson: On colonialism, African-American rights (Spotlight, ABC,1960)

  1. reading paul robeson i met malcolm x. reading malcolm x and paul robeson i
    learnt what is humanity.
    peace to you all

  2. I so much enjoy listening to this gentleman’s voice, it’s like when you
    listen to James Earl Jone’s one. 

  3. How the hell I didn’t learn about brilliant man in school? Oh I forgot,
    most stuff in school is white washed to keep us enslaved in a colonized

  4. Paul Robeson was a leader. He spoke up and wasn’t afraid of backlash from
    the dominant society like so many token negroes are today. The man was very
    talented and because he spoke up for black rights it affected his acting
    career but he didn’t care. He fought for the people. God bless this man and
    may he rest he peace

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