Like It Is – The Covert War Against Malcolm X

38 thoughts on “Like It Is – The Covert War Against Malcolm X

  1. Everyone who posted comments agree with what these inspiring men have said
    and what they fought for. So what is stopping us from coming together and
    keeping alive the message and ideas these men would have given their life
    for? It is time to stop sitting and watching the world go by, while we are
    being oppressed. We should start taking the right actions to execute a
    solid plan that could one day bring change.

  2. To have a Malcolm X in this day and age..someone will have to be willing to
    take a bullet, but at the same time…we all may be taking a bullet sooner
    than later, why not take it for a cause rather than police brutality and
    black on black crime? Very powerful and real interview….also very sad.

  3. This country doesn’t allow black men to mature the older I get the more I

  4. Wow, extraordinary. This needs to be shown in classrooms, homes and any
    forum where people want to talk about the value of Malcolm and the
    possibility of organizing people for change.

  5. If you Listen to anything Listen to this and learn how our Government
    really works to get blacks to destroy themselves.

  6. Check out this video on YouTube: One of the best docs I have ever seen….
    I strongly feel it is the elite of today that is dividing the races through
    murders lies and all type of racist propaganda. I choose to from this day
    forth to ignore all media regarding racism… Not that I’m blind I just
    refuse to feed into it …. 

  7. I read some of the comments of people saying we need another Malcolm..why?
    So he can say what you are too cowardly to say? To take a bullet you are
    too cowardly to take? I say until we are ALL willing to die and draw blood
    for our collective freedom, we DON’T deserve it. Keep waiting for your
    sheperd sheeple..the next one may lead you right to slaughter. Malcolm
    represented the everyman. He was self-educated beyond anything the system
    could have taught him. And he was fearless. Which I don’t see much of
    nowadays. Everybody is fuccin scared. Of everything. The thing we don’t
    seem to understand as black people is: the system is petrified of you or
    they wouldn’t spend such inordinate energy, time, money & resources to keep
    you dumb, ignorant and brainwashed. And separated. Not only from each other
    but from yourselves. Malcolm’s spirit lives on. I’m sure he re-incarnated
    here again b/c he has to know that the war continues and the job isn’t

  8. Why in the hell, after 6 years of Afro-American studies at so-called “good
    schools”, have I never heard of Malcolm X taping his own conversations
    until RIGHT NOW??? I am pissed. Where are all of these conversations
    located? How many are there? Did Betty Shabazz know and/or do the same?
    This is exhilarating information that could bring a lot of knowledge about
    COINTELPRO including names of agents. Its crazy that there aren’t whole
    schools of thought centered around these tapes today!

  9. The first minutes of this owerful documentary (namely the secretly audio
    recorded FBI interview) not only further reinforced my strong admiration
    for Malcolm but also saddened me to some extent; for I couldn’t help but
    think of all the other people who were approached in this fashion and whose
    own weaknesses and otherly oriented proclivities or fragile determination
    led astray and away from their previous professed beliefs. Which of
    course ultimately profoundly weakened and jeopardized the fate of black

  10. The fact that I’m able to listen in on a private discussion between Malcolm
    X and the FBI is insane! Malcolm definitely understood the art of war.

  11. “this country does not allow Black males to mature, it allows them to grow
    up but not mature”
    Malcolm X philosophy & lessons he taught about America & the world ALONG
    WITH thorough Black history (& knowing MLK birthday or when Malcolm X died
    is NOT the kind of history I’m talking about) need to be instilled in all
    Black people, especially the Black male.
    ●Marcus Garvey came to unite Black people & they arrested then sent him out
    the country.
    ●Lil Black Wall Street, a Black community full of Black owned businesses &
    educated, hard working Black folks functioning just fine without White
    folks & government welfare- White folks & the government went in there &
    killed over 3000 Black people & burnt the place to the ground.
    ●Malcolm X labored to educate & put Black folks to work, take pride in
    themselves- & “they” orchestrated his murder.
    ●MLK, whether you agree or disagree with his method, only wanted fairness,
    equal opportunity & justice. They killed him.
    ●Black Panther movement, a Black organization only out to defend & help
    Black folks. They infiltrated & destroyed that.

    Why, why is it every Black man & organization that rise up to help Black
    people are always destroyed by our own government? *because “they” need a
    people in a inferior position in order to maintain their false sense of

    Contrary to what they say about Black people- it is they who “NEED” us &
    need us in a state of degradation & with a hand out because without out
    this they will have to face reality, the fact- they are NOT superior nor
    important to anyone or anything.

  12. I felt the pain in that man’s eyes when he said “it was our chance to be

  13. Cell phones, smart device cameras, FACEBOOK and GPS imbedded smart devices,
    would make the FBI’s job much easier today.
    The Covert War against (We The People) Malcolm X continues.

  14. Matter of fact there are several schools in Brooklyn, NY that are not
    allowing the students in there school who wanted to do book reports on MX
    to find other people to write about during this black history month because
    they feel that Malcolm was a bad man wow go figure we are still being
    dictated to who we should honor. 

  15. this is absolutely excellent–rare footage i.e. not the run of the mill
    scenes from the myriad other docs…also rare are those interviewed. salaam
    malik el shabazz

  16. You know what’s so sad that here it is 2014 and nothing has changed and
    even sadder WE again i type WE are STILL own worst enemy. It just seems to
    me that in the end it’s going to take A GOD to come here and save us from
    ourselves let alone any enemies without.

  17. That last line was powerful, why dont we have that type of leadership
    nowadays?? All we have left is politicians (Obama) and public speakers (Dr
    West), second class leaders if you ask me. We are at the mercy of
    manipulating billionaires.

  18. Thank you for putting this back on YouTube. Always keep this on please. It
    speaks volumes. 

  19. We all have to be on the Team to build a better Country for all of
    us;What’s Best For All.

  20. I support anyone capable of free thinking, opening there minds to anyones

  21. powerful documentary…i wish i could’ve seen it through earls eyes! so i
    could fill that “fighters spirit” “feedom fighter” soul that Malcolm
    had…its sad, i almost cried hearing his testimony, because what he was
    saying is soo true, malcolm was the last great leader that was on his way
    to maturity and spiritual developpment until they shot him down…did the
    same to MLK, Huey P, Fred Hampton…now our people live in a state of Limbo
    like zombies that forgot about the valuble teachings of the past and the
    powerful leaders that came by…

  22. GOJUX65 you devil the man closest to Malcolm x just said the NATION OF
    ISLAM could not have PLANNED that assassination. THE N.O.I could not have
    disallowed him entry into France. your just gonna keep pushing that lie
    until it sticks huh

  23. “sooner or later Black people will have to realize what Malcolm was saying
    was the truth”. And this was the big fear of the white power system, and
    the reason today there are so many Blacks, and young Blacks especially, in
    prison and no real powerful leaders of their own. So, clearly, this white
    power system has made sure that Black people – especially the young – are
    not in any way looking for any truth’s of the system that STILL oppresses
    and imprisons them. They aspire to be like the whites in a white dominated
    system – though, if they are side-tracked by entertainment – aspiring to
    sports, music, acting, dancing, etc, they will not be focusing on their
    youth killing their own, involved and trapped by drugs, being in gangs,
    being imprisoned on an unbelievable and alarming level, poverty, and an
    ongoing newer more insidious Jim Crow era (which never ended). All this
    notwithstanding a half black president. Obama could never ever fill the
    shoes of Malcolm X. There was a hope in the beginning. But this president
    has failed especially Black people, not to mention all american’s who
    yearned for the change that this country desperately needs. The REAL fight
    for equality for Blacks (and all minorities) is still here and in worse
    condition than we know. Malcolm X was one of a kind. Not to be seen again
    in our lifetime. An even stronger reason to revisit this man’s words and
    character. A real man – to be admired, respected and who was a messenger
    among messenger’s warning and inspiring at the same time. He was an
    example and role model of what a true, decent, spiritual, and intelligent
    human being could aspire to be and for youth to emulate. He was, in all
    his human imperfection, a strong and truthful man. These two men are
    witnesses to the integrity and strength and maturity of Malcolm X. A REAL
    man for his people. And all people in truth.

  24. White people don’t want another Malcolm X to come out the masses. This is
    what they fear the most. They would rather erect a statue of Dr. King and
    not of Malcolm. Malcolm’s philosophy and way of life was far stronger for
    African American Nationalism, and MLK did not want to strengthen the
    African Americans.

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