Katie Porter Obliterates Mitch McConnell For Blocking Pandemic Relief

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) unloaded on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for blocking pandemic relief as Americans suffer.
Porter tweeted:

You may have heard that Democrats and Republicans have agreed upon spending $900 billion to fund another round of small business loans, support hospitals and essential workers, and help the 10 million people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. (2/5)
— Rep. Katie Porter (@RepKatiePorter) December 9, 2020

These lawsuits represent the worst of the worst examples of disregard for human life—cases filed on behalf of nursing home patients and grocery store workers who died because the company in charge of keeping them safe prioritized cutting costs over protecting them. (4/5)
— Rep. Katie Porter (@RepKatiePorter) December 9, 2020

The same McConnell who said that President Trump is “100% within his rights” to pursue baseless lawsuits alleging election fraud is now refusing to pass urgently-needed relief unless it strips those same rights from the most vulnerable among us. This must be exposed. (5/5)
— Rep. Katie Porter (@RepKatiePorter) December 9, 2020

Porter described Mitch McConnell’s playbook and open hypocrisy perfectly. McConnell has been running the same playbook for years. His motivation is always to protect or enhance his own power. The Senate Majority Leader is currently blocking pandemic relief because he thinks it will help Republicans win the Senate runoff elections in Georgia.
If Republicans maintain their Senate majority, McConnell will continue to block relief to drag the economy down as part of his plan to turn Joe Biden into a one-term president.
Rep. Porter was right. McConnell is responsible for people suffering, and the way to make him pay is to make sure that Democrats win control of the Senate on January 5.
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