I Blame Donald Trump for Spreading COVID In The Rose Garden

From the very beginning of the Covid pandemic, Donald Trump did everything wrong. He ignored the warnings in his intel briefings. Then he denied it was here. After that, he claimed the pandemic was a hoax invented by the “Democrat Party” because even a pandemic was really all about him. He did nothing until it was virtually uncontrollable, then, when he suggested drinking bleach, he claimed he was following the science.
It didn’t matter until it started infecting red states who, unlike New York, were ill-equipped to handle the onslaught of sickness and death.
And we have people who actually look to Donald Trump for instruction on whether or not to wear masks and social distance. We have people who still believe that Donald Trump is a messiah here to save the planet and suburbia for white “suburban housewives” and their Stepford model families.

Admittedly, I was always going to boycott Trump’s white trash COVID super spreader. I have better things to do with my time than listening to the recent law school graduate gush over daddy while glossing over his corruption and criminality. There was no way I was going to spend a minute of my time listening to the Slovenian Evita Peron talk about Trump’s honesty, let alone the psycho gun-toting couple who reminded me of the Soviet Guards that used to train their guns on people passing by the Soviet Embassy on the Champs-Elysée.
Based on the reviews and the clips I saw, the hate fest speakers served up all kinds of red meat seasoned with dystopian paranoia. It was predictable.But the thing that merits a lot more attention is the fact that Donald Trump intentionally turned the White House into the place where the next wave of COVID started. And combined with the führer’s order to keep the testing low please; many more Americans are definitely going to die because of Donald Trump’s horrendous and self-serving decisions.
It goes without saying that most Americans are voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It’s because they are pro-America and pro-democracy. It’s because they actually know something about governing and about a law and order where black lives matter too. They wouldn’t stand for police passing by the white guy with the rifle who just killed some people. They wouldn’t incite Proud Boys and boogaloo boys and other morons with guns to invade state houses and threaten to assassinate governors, especially governors who actually get that public health policy benefits even its harshest critics.
Biden and Harris already have a plan to deal with COVID that actually coincides with the science. We can bring an end to the brazen let-them-drink-bleach approach to our health and our lives. Even the Trumps will enjoy the benefits and public health safety that comes with following the science.
With Biden and Harris, political events will return to being separate from official acts like diplomacy, pardons and naturalization ceremonies. They will not use America’s newest citizens as mere props at a political convention and without their prior knowledge and consent.

Joe Biden understands that the executive branch of our government belongs to us, not to him. He knows that military parades don’t belong in America anymore than Soviet-style speeches. I’ll bet Jill Biden would never replace the Rose Garden with something reminiscent of a mausoleum from the Roman empire.
What happened to us? Why are we applauding Melania Trump, who really is as racist, jealous of the Obamas,  and as corrupt and greedy as her husband?Despite her ability to say “Covid” instead of using the racist epithet her husband and his followers use, the fact remains that she enjoys the privilege of the let-them-drink-bleach policy as much as her husband does. She doesn’t care any more than he does about the people who would catch Covid in Rose Garden. She cares about “owning the libs” and chasing shadow grudges against Michelle Obama. Even her friends attest to that.
Words alone don’t mean anything when they are empty. Give us the science – and give us back our Rose Garden.
Ms. Woodbury has a graduate degree in political science, with a minor in law.  She is a qualified expert on political theory with a specific interest in the nexus between political theories and models and human rights.
Based on her interest in human rights and the threats that authoritarian regimes are to them, Ms. Woodbury’s masters thesis examined the influence of politics on the enforcement of international criminal law was cited in several academic studies.
Published work includes case summaries for the War Crimes Research Office.
She has an extensive background doing legal research in international and domestic law.
Ms. Woodbury’s work for politicusUSA includes articles on voting rights, the right to asylum and other civil/human rights.

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