33 thoughts on “Gil Noble "Like It Is" Interview with Bob Marley

  1. It’s made me think why there is no more Reggae Music in the mainstream
    charts…..I now believe it’s because it spreads a positive vibes amongst
    the people……They’d rather you see nakedness, or listen to rap music
    glorifying killing or diamonds

  2. Black People….you heard the man..Africa is our home! It’s time to return
    to mother Africa,all Black people in the Diaspora are here Children. Africa
    awaits her creator!
    Bob Marley a Prophet of his people!

  3. It’s just a shame he is so intelligent and everyone around him just could
    never really keep up with his wisdom and intellect. Such a misunderstood
    guy at the time. Love you bob!

  4. 2chainz stole tht “tru” add-live from this interview.. there will never b
    another Bob Marley r.i.p << much respect

  5. By his slow words you can see the amount of weed in his system.. but he
    makes the weed seem so noble..

  6. You Cant Listen To Music Cuz Music Dem Zionists Control.!” ‪#‎RealTruth‬
    Listen after 4Mins

  7. It’s now time for everyone to see life like it truly is ~~► go to
    TruthContest◙com and read “The Present”.

  8. He was so relaxed, so laid-back & real….loved how he kept toying with his
    hair & face like a little boy. No pretense.

  9. Africa is the Land of Islamic spirituality – Land of Muslim Prophets and
    Sufi MASTERS

  10. This video never gets old. I can watch it over and over again from the
    interviewer Gil Noble to Bob himself. Classic. Iconic.

  11. #BlackHistoryIsGlobal #BlackHistoryIsGloCal #GloballyLocal #GilNoble
    #BobMarley !

    Nester Robert Marley ( February 6, 1945 – 11 May 11, 1981)

    “I handle fame by not being famous…During the time of this calypso thing
    people dem weren’t so conscious about Africa and where dem roots come from,
    not from the point of music because music is always conscious… Since the
    reggae come now the reggae start talk about Africa, Blackness in a militant
    way, that’s how the lyrics differ…I think my biggest influence is Marcus
    Garvey , Haile Selassie …Education that we don’t get in school, we don’t
    get that type of education that when we grow up we can know who he is…We
    get a more education that we might know who Christopher Columbus is how
    Marco Polo is, but we never really know who Marcus Garvey is, who Haile
    Selassie is or how/who any Black man is…I see Africa problem is that
    outside people keep fatiguing the people- mek dem can’t really get dem ting
    together… Don’t get too busy that you can’t check out that truth because
    the truth is there”
    – See more at:

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