George Conway Kicks Trump When He’s Down in Washington Post Op-Ed

Since the day he was elected president, Donald Trump faced incredible resistance from Democratic voters. But they were not the only ones who were opposing Trump. There were also a huge amount of Republicans who did not feel that he truly represented their party.
One of the loudest of these voices was George Conway. Not only did his wife work in a prominent role in the Trump administration, but Conway had also worked on the legal team that impeached Bill Clinton.
Still, the lawyer was furiously opposed to Donald Trump. And now that it looks like Trump is going to fall to Joe Biden, Conway took a bit of a victory law in a piece for the  Washington Post.

Conway began, “It’s somehow fitting. A presidency launched with lies, and fueled by them ever since, was destined to finish with the worst of them all.”
The lawyer continued, “He lied about what he was impeached for, and about what he should have been impeached for, by claiming his phone call with the Ukrainian president was perfect, and by asserting that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III had exonerated him. He lied about deceptively marking up a hurricane map with a sharpie.”
Conway closed the column, “And in the end, he will have accomplished only one thing: He will have squandered his last and best chance to show he could admit the truth and, for once, do something right by the country instead of himself.”
You can read the entire piece here

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