Booker T Washington vs W.E.B. DuBois — Analyzing Their Differences

HipHughes spends a few moments throwing down the basics about the early 20th century civil rights leaders, WEB DuBois and Booker T Washington.

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25 thoughts on “Booker T Washington vs W.E.B. DuBois — Analyzing Their Differences

  1. Swedd, Malcolm X would reject most of Booker T Washington’s beliefs. You
    see the reason Booker T gets so much heat and criticism is not because he
    preached self-reliance. ( If you care to study black leaders in the past,
    they all preached that.). Booker T gets criticism because he has a
    passive, roll over response to white supremacy in America. He did not
    believe blacks should have equal rights and he also felt the only way
    blacks can be friends with whites is if we assimilate to their cultural
    standard of living. So as long as we talk like them, think just like them,
    adhere to the same political and religious views as them, only then will we
    be considered equal and gain their respect.

    Malcolm X was 100% against assimilation. He preached individualism not
    being taken over by the Borg. Malcolm, just like DuBois, felt blacks and
    other minorities should be able to embrace their own cultural standards and
    not be treated as second class citizens for doing so. Ironically, white
    americans are very narrow minded to cultures that do not originate from
    their ancestors.

    Hell, even white Europeans are far more advanced and open minded when it
    comes to accepting others for cultural differences and treating them as
    equals. Only in America, are we this primitive lol.

  2. I think the best thing to do is borrow from both. I agree with Booker T on
    the skills thing if you look at today’s economy jobs like HVAC, Plumber,
    Electrician, Truck Driver, Auto Mechanic etc….. are jobs that pay well
    and can’t be exported. You can grow power with an economic base. However I
    don’t agree with his view on accepting racism and wait for the white man to
    change his mind approach. No one has ever gotten freedom by waiting on
    their oppressor to help them.

  3. he might be a lil odd but he did explain the basics very well and quickly –
    helps a lot when you’re loaded with other work 

  4. I love Booker T Washington and I respect Dubois but all Booker Washington
    was asking Dubois was: “How can you eat and support yourself with
    intellectual pursuit?” Granted you are admired for your intelligence and
    your ability to articulate your struggle to gain kudos for using big words
    but as he learned later in life, these words had minimal effect on White
    Supremacy. A Talented Tenth is not equivalent to a self-sufficient

  5. For those who were asking, it is in fact pronounced Du BOYZ. As one of my
    history teachers once told me, “Forget your semester of French and say the
    man’s name right.” LOL 

  6. Not completely disagreeing however the boiled down concept is WEB DuBois
    favored a road of resistance judicially and socially and Booker carved a
    path of assimilation. Nothing wrong with that but he preferred pushing
    people within themselves within the system, perhaps to great heights and
    WEB was not willing to live within that system without rocking the vote.
    No? Tuskagee Institute is nothing to poo poo, but I stand on the concept

  7. Nice video. There are far stranger places one could be “weird on the
    internet.” lol. Keep up the great videos.

  8. I think he had something called the tenth plan, which was to rely on the
    top 10% of educated blacks to infiltrate and use the system, the legal
    system. He advocated that all blacks should have equal access tot he
    nations education system and should be able to progress to their natural

  9. I think both had a point. While being denied Civil Rights isn’t right, I
    feel that the system kinda required that people make a status of themselves
    before they begin to advance to other areas such as civil rights. People
    most of the time pay more attention to those with more money and education.
    (which is understandable, even though we’re taught that in a democracy,
    everyone has mostly equal representation and say)

  10. The Booker approach I think was more effective in improving life conditions
    Political freedom is meaningless without economic freedom through an
    education or trade

  11. It’s the beautiful ugly that results from YT algorithms. I think the more
    pressing question is what the hell are you doing watching videos about
    songs about what a wookie would do.

  12. No race can prosper till it learns there is as much dignity in tilling a
    field as in writing a poem. ~Booker T. Washington It is a peculiar
    sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s
    self through the eyes of others…. One ever feels his twoness, – an
    American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two
    warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from
    being torn asunder. ~W.E.B. DuBois

  13. I hope you don’t teach this in schools because there is nothing ‘system’
    about Booker T…you need to get the real info from Sweddr.

  14. Interesting. They both represent two completely different philosophies.
    Booker T influenced M Garvey who influenced Malcolm X (thru his Dad)…Now
    people like to say that Booker T was a ‘sell-out’ but he was the opposite
    if you look at his followers, and the products of his belief. WEB was NAACP
    which was led by whites.

  15. there is some more in depth understanding of Booker T and the realignment
    of blacks to the democrats in this video, avoid accepting lies and watch
    this video – watch?v=n64OY6XaxSY

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