Angola: Reforms in Angola Arouse Interest in Kenya

Luanda — Angolan ambassador to Kenya Syanga Abílio said Wednesday that the East African country’s investors were interested in investing in Angola.
According to the diplomat, who was speaking on the LAC breakfast programme, investors from Kenya are very interested, driven by the reforms taking place in the Angola.
The diplomat highlighted Kenyans’ interest in tourism, agriculture, education and health.

Syanga Abílio, who considers the market conducive to foreign investment, called on Angolan businesspeople to look to this country to expand their business and gain more space in Africa.
Angola and Kenya have had relations since 1961, but the high point came in June 1975, at the Nakuru Conference in Mombassa, as Angolans walked towards the conquest of its independence, proclaimed on 11 November 1975.

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