AIDS Virus – Was it Man Made, or Did it Evolve?

The Origin of the AIDS Virus?

There are many theories about the origin of the AIDS virus. Some say it was deliberately manufactured by the CIA as part of a biological warfare campaign. Others say large pharmaceutical corporations are behind it to profit from the pills they sell as treatment. Others say it evolved over time. Even more say it came from attempts to create the Polio Vaccine. What all of them have in common is that the virus that causes HIV/AIDS first manifested itself in Central East Africa.

The CIA and Army Biological Warfare

In the realm of conspiracy theories, one of the beliefs that have managed to endure is that America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is behind the AIDS virus. Since it is no secret that world governments, including that of the United States, have perfected strains of infectious diseases for biological warfare, the premise is not necessarily farfetched. Of course, both the American government and its intelligence agencies have in no uncertain terms denied any such claims. Still, critics continue to point out the reasons why the public should not believe what the CIA has to say on the matter. Here are a few of them.

Evidence Suggests that AIDS is Manufactured and Not Natural

Evidence Suggests that the AIDS Virus is Manufactured and Not Natural

A number of scientist’s have come forward and stated that AIDS is not a natural occurring disease. The argument that AIDS was contracted from monkeys, for example, rings false because of the fact of man’s and monkeys close association with one another throughout the history of evolution.

The Possibility of Lost Containment

The Possibility of Lost Containment

As it was aforementioned, the U.S. has researched, developed and manufactured deadly strains of diseases to be used for biological warfare. It is possible that the AIDS virus was intended for such a use, but that in its development, it somehow escaped the containment of a CIA laboratory. Once this happened, the U.S. would move to disavow any responsibility.

Used as an Experiment

Used as an Experiment

It is also possible that the AIDS virus was purposefully introduced into the population to simply see what would happen to the groups it targets. It may have been expected only to affect a small group of people and grew beyond the control of its handlers.

The U.S. Government Has Done this Before

The U.S. Government Has Done this Before

The U.S. government has a history of exposing its citizens to infectious diseases. Beginning in 1932, the government infected hundreds of African Americans over a 40 year period with syphilis to study its affects. The men were infected under the pretense that the government was dispensing free health care.

Used to Depopulate Africa

Used to Depopulate Africa

The African continent is rich in natural resources, with many of the nations in which these resources reside being under developed. The easiest way to acquire these resources without military engagement would be to depopulate these areas with the introduction of a disease that targets minorities. This is why the disease attacks predominately African American victims.

Used to Target <a class='interlink' href=''>African Americans</a>

Used to Target African Americans

Alternatively, the AIDS virus could have been developed to specifically target African Americans as part of a program to decrease the population of this ethnic group within the United States. America has long been the home of official and unofficial racist policies, with a social structure that continues to disenfranchise minorities.

Used to Eliminate Socially Undesirable People

Aids Virus – Used to Eliminate Socially Undesirable People?

At one point, homosexual lifestyles were seen to be an abomination. If the U.S. government believed that such individuals posed a threat to the security and well-being of the nation, it would move to eliminate the threat. However, because such targeted persons were American citizens, it would have to be done in secrecy using the CIA. The best way to accomplish this would be the introduction of a disease that targets or is primarily transmitted by those in the gay community.

Used as a Cover for Covert Activities

Used as a Cover for Covert Activities

The AIDS Virus may have been purposefully created and released by the CIA in order to create a health scare that would require the assistance of the U.S. to combat. Once medical personnel was sent to various locales around the word to render assistance, CIA operatives could be inserted alongside them in order to carry out their clandestine operations.

Used by Large Corporations

Used by Large Corporations

Some believe that large corporations, in this case big pharmaceutical companies, created the AIDS virus in order to generate enormous profits. Today, for example, only the use of drugs produced by these companies can treat the spread of the disease. Since the government and its various agencies, including the CIA, are ultimately controlled by these business entities, they are complicit by association if not actual deed.


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AIDS Virus - Was it Man Made, or Did it Evolve?

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AIDS Virus - Was it Man Made, or Did it Evolve?


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AIDS Virus - Was it Man Made, or Did it Evolve?

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