57% Of Republicans Say Trump Killing Over 170,000 Americans Is Acceptable

A new poll found that 57% of Republicans are perfectly fine with Trump’s pandemic mismanagement killing over 170,000 Americans.
CBS News reported, “For most Republicans, America is a nation where the economy is still fairly good, where the effort to handle the coronavirus is going at least somewhat well and the president is doing a very good job on it. For them, the virus elicits less concern in the first place. They believe the 170,000 fatalities is an overstated count and one which, for many, can so far be considered acceptable.”
Here is the graphic from the poll:
57% of Republicans believe Trump killing over 170,000 Americans is acceptable

Experts agree that the pandemic in the United States did not have to be as bad as it is. The US could have gotten control of the pandemic by having a national strategy and a coordinated response. Trump has allowed the virus to surge because he has refused to govern and take any responsibility for the pandemic.
Trump didn’t create the coronavirus, but he turned the United States into the perfect host. Tens of thousands of Americans have needlessly lost their lives due to Trump’s intentional mismanagement of the pandemic.
A majority of the Republican Party has subscribed to the Trump cult of personality. Nothing is going to sway them. Nothing is going to move them away from Trump. Luckily, Joe Biden doesn’t need them to be able to win.
Biden and Harris need to flip roughly 80,000 votes in three states, and one suspects that they are well on their way to doing so, as the Republican death cult is going down with Trump.
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